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"You are not leaving me."
"I, The Soul Called Wanderer, Love You, Human Ian."
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26th-Nov-2009 08:35 pm - EVENT HORIZON: E-Book, & Paperback
Event Horizon
Title: Event Horizon
Author: jenny_wren28 and forsomeone
Characters/Pairing: All Cannon (E/B, J/R, R/E, J/A, C/E, Ian/Wanderer (A LOT), J/M, you get the idea)
Rating: PG, Maybe PG-13 (same as the books)
Category: Crossover between The Host & the Twilight series (Action, Paranormal Romance)
Spoilers: As long as you've read all the Twilight books & The Host, none.
Disclaimers We don't own The Host or the Twilight series. We're just having a bit of fun in Stephanie Meyer's world.
Summary: What would have happened if Twilight happened in the same universe as the events that took place in The Host?

This story begins a few months after Breaking Dawn ends, and eventually features a full cast from both books.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as we've enjoyed writing it. :)

Also, MANY THANKS to our wonderful Beta/Editor kellsta


As you may or may not have noticed, the LJ version of this story has been deleted.

This is because it just went through a massive edit & I simply didn't have time to update each and every chapter on here.

Also, we always intended to publish a paperback version of this story for our own bookshelves, so we did that at LULU.com (where you can purchase your own copy, AT COST. We are NOT making a profit.) There's also a hardback version for those interested.

The problem is we both feel very strongly that a free electronic version of the story still needs to be available, so you can also download a free e-book/pdf version of the story at LULU.com as well.

Here's the link: http://www.lulu.com/product/download/event-horizon/6047813

Also, you can always find it at ff.net as well: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4825400/1/Event_Horizon

Thanks for all the loyal reading! :)
25th-Sep-2009 07:47 pm - Dream Cast?
[OTP] Ian/Wanda
With the news of a Host movie, tell us who your choices for Wanderer and Ian would be.

My Wanderer has always been a toss up between Gemma Ward, Emilie De Ravin, and Elisabeth Harnois. Now granted, this could be because these are the only three people I have ever seen graphics makers make into Wanda.

My Ian has always been either Ian Somerhalder or Drew Fuller.

Your turn!
20th-Sep-2009 12:21 am - Getting Things Started
[OTP] Ian/Wanda
Welcome to the community.

I decided to create this community because Ian and Wanderer are my favorite couple from The Host. When I had seen that the only other community devoted to them had been deleted, I had to create this one. These two definitely deserve a community of their own. whoremosexual and darkersideofus agreed with me and thus this place was born.

So, to get things started, how about telling us why you love Ian and Wanderer.
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